How do investors profit from buying non-performing loans?

"Markets are never wrong, opinions are." Jesse Livermore, reminiscences of a Stock Operator.


Making NPL's Perform

All non performing loans are not non performing all the time. It is only for a fact that non performing loans hurt the lenders in more than one way like prudential norms, provisions, interest stoppage etc. So the lenders are under tremendous pressure to clean up their portfolio. They don't have time to wait for the non performing loans to becoming performing loans as regulators, other stake holders continuouslyexert pressure.

“One of the great responsibilities I have is to manage my assets wisely, so that they create value.”
Alice Walton


Invest in non-performing loans

This is where investors come in, make due diligence, with Recactiv they use the combined knowledge and pick such of those assets which held for some time will result in good profit. They get NPL's at bargains for the reasons listed above, with reasonable security. The investors also look at the prospect of convert a portion of non performing loans into equity which held for some time may turn out to be multi baggers.

Investment Services

With several years of experience exclusively within financial services, Recactiv offers a whole strategy and resources for proper assistance of investors in choosing, buying and servicing NPL's.


We provide full support to our partners in the sense of analysis, acquisition and servicing of loan portfolios.


We provide full support to our partners in the sense of analysis and pre-acquisition services of loan portfolios.


Recactiv assists in all the steps related to the acquisition of loan portfolios, and thus can offer a service that accompanies every stage.


We have a whole strategy including human and technological resources, suitable for the proper management of loan portfolios.