Asset Recovery Logistics

We have considerable logistics knowhow and optimized management, designed to better outsource and serve all our clients’ needs in close cooperation. All services associated with asset recovery are structured to maximize their valuation.

Pre-Judicial Support

This service comprises a comprehensive set of activities carried out using various debt collection tools and is based on perfectly regulated activities.


Modern, flexible and centralized facilities with 24h security.

Stock Management and Reporting

Specialized information systems for stock management and reporting.

Business Logistics Specialists

All tasks are standardized in processes that allow the application of management concepts, fostering the continuous improvement of performance and client satisfaction.

Asset valuations

Identification, current market valuation.

Technical Inspetions

Identification, Removal Technique, Packaging.

Technical removals

Removal and Transportation with high technical specifications.

Vehicles parking

Parking for retention and safeguarding of vehicles with 24h security

Equipments Storage

Wharehouse for retention and safeguarding of equipments with 24h security

Documentation and registration.

Full documental and registration Services, including Pledges, Inspections and Others.