Portfolio Management

All portfolio files, current accounts, data and contacts are managed by a specifically designed software for the industry, with several redundancy and security technologies, in order to obtain constant efficiency and accuracy.

Consumer Credit

Includes consumer credit, credit cards, revolving, personal credit and overdraft credit.

Auto Credit

Includes auto credit, renting and leasing.

Corporate Loans

Includes corporate loans, factoring, confirming and invoice validation.

Mortgage Loans

Includes mortgage and consolidated loans.

Collection Specialists

Specialized and motivated team empowered with all the tools to maximize customer satisfaction

Contact Center Collections

Powerful Avaya communications system with Unified voice and data; Optimizations in inbound and outbound calls

Complete and detailed study using different tools to skip tracing in order to facilitate contact.

Collection Automation.

A custom designed software Robot handles automatically the phone calls and distributes them to our team.

The parameters and speed of such operation are parametrized by managers.

Field Agents
Collection with site visit.

This service emphasizes the interpersonal contact with debtors and with whom we will be in constant dialogue.

Effective presence in all District capitals of Portugal, including autonomous regions.