Loan Servicing

Comprehensive set of integrated and customizable services to support distressed debt acquisition, management and recovery. The company is structured to recover both unsecured and secured loans.

Choosing Portfolios

Relations with originators, portfolio investors and servicing clients and providers.

Portfolios analysis, valuation and pricing, investment teasers and market reports.

Defining Strategy

Selection of recovery strategies; business plan definition, implementation and control.

Continuous performance analysis and reporting.

Making it Perform

Judicial and extra-judicial recovery of secured and unsecured loans

Centralized Services, Contact Center, Automated Call System and Field agents.

Servicing Planning

Provide the reviewer with the information on the servicer’s experience, expertise and capabilities, including operational, financial and continuity risk.

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

Henry Ford

Origination, Boarding and Activation

Perform due diligence on the portfolios and provide reports regarding data quality, accuracy and completion, in relation to stakeholders, outstanding loan amounts, validity of the underlying collateral and documentation. Perform migration, completion and protection of data and documentation.

Conduct third party valuations of specific underlying assets.

Initiate contact and skip-tracing.

Communicate creditors’ qualification and attestation.

Business Planning

Identify conditions to exit, including size, market, investors’, legal and regulatory frameworks, policies and risks.

Define strategies to recover, including restructuring, cash settlements, repossession, enforcement, recovery through insolvency and liquidation.

Define objectives, including milestones, estimated recovery values and recovery times.

Cash flow modeling.

Servicing Action Plans

All portfolio files, current accounts, data and contacts are managed by a specifically designed software for the industry, with several redundancy and security technologies, in order to obtain constant efficiency and accuracy.

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Ken Blanchard.

Analysis and Pricing

Segmentation of portfolios, including by performance, loan type, debtor type, collateral type, location, CapEx and OpEx requirements.

Analysis and comparison of historical servicer performance curves for unsecured portfolios and historical market performance for secured portfolios (static and dynamic data pools).

Analysis of economic environment, markets (NPL & RE) tendencies and overviews.

Price formulation under various stressed haircut scenarios, applying market value decline rates (MVD), distressed sales discount and recovery time assumptions.

Portfolio Management

Define and implement action plans.

Measure, evaluate and report.

Adjust and refine operating model to adequate policies and procedures.